Bicycle Accidents Considered as Seattle Expands Streetcar Tracks

Written by: Ken Selander Category: Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Streetcar TracksCyclists around the city know the dangers of streetcar tracks when traveling around town. The tracks are notorious for causing accidents by catching bicycle tires or causing bikes to slip when tracks are wet. The city of Seattle has set up a board to consider cyclists as they plan on expansion of public transit streetcars. The project is called the Center City Connector and will connect First Hill and South Lake Union lines.

When Desiree McCloud tragically lost her life in May, the issue gained attention with the community. According to witnesses, McCloud was traveling between the tracks when she was struck and killed. There have been numerous reports to SDOT from cyclists reporting accidents caused by streetcar tracks.

It remains unclear how the city will deal with the issue as they expand the lines. From an engineering perspective options are limited as the new tracks will have to conform to existing infrastructure. So far, it seems the city is simply planning for increased signage and warnings to cyclists in areas of increased danger.

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