We are proud of the results that we have achieved for our clients. Below are a just a few examples of the legal recovery we have made in a variety of cases. As you can understand, our firm is unable and ethically prohibited from guaranteeing any specific result or outcome for your case; the cases highlighted below are for informational and illustrative purposes only, and do not represent the value of your claim or the amount of money you would recover.

$3,000,000 – Foster Care Abuse

Two sisters, ages 12 and 13, were repeatedly raped by their grandfather who was erroneously allowed to be their foster parent by the State of Washington/DSHS. The grandfather was criminally charged and sentenced to prison, and the two sisters successfully brought claims against the State of Washington for their negligent placement into his home. Given his monstrous and outrageous behavior, the girls suffered profound and significant damages. 

$2,400,000 – Motorcycle/Defective Roadway Accident

Young client suffered untimely and tragic death while commuting to work on I-5 after hitting a rut in the roadway that the State of Washington had failed to properly repair. He left behind a loving wife and beautiful young daughter. Damages were claimed under Washington’s wrongful death and survival statutes for the profound and significant losses that stemmed from his death.

$1,000,000 – Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle enthusiast was commuting to work on his bike when a young driver entered the roadway from a stop sign and struck him. Profound and permanent injuries to client’s right ankle and lower leg resulted from multiple fractures and anatomical changes to the integrity of his foot and ankle. Client was unable to continue his job that required walking and standing throughout the day, and was also forced to quit many of the activities he loved including Kung Fu.

$800,000 – Motorcycle/Truck Accident

Talented, young and athletic motorcyclist was struck by a reckless commercial trucker who was passing another truck on a narrow roadway. Client suffered significant orthopedic injuries which required surgery and prolonged rehabilitation treatment. His permanent injuries now foreclose hiking, biking and snow-boarding. 

$800,000 – Pedestrian/Bus Accident

Elderly client was struck by a bus while crossing the street in the crosswalk en route home. She suffered fractures to her ankle, heel and big toe as well as de-gloving injuries to her foot. Her permanent and painful injuries resulted in problems walking and standing and greatly diminished her quality of life.

$500,000 – Bicycle/Truck Accident

An athletic and active elderly gentleman regularly rode his bike for exercise along Lake Washington Boulevard. One day while riding on the boulevard, he pulled to the curb and stopped to take a break. A large truck approaching him from behind failed to see him and ran over his left foot. He suffered permanent and disfiguring injuries to his foot which required hospitalization and surgery.

$338,264.65 – Car Passenger Claim

A triathlete, skier and rock-climber suffered a broken neck when her vehicle was t-boned by an uninsured driver who ran a red light. Her permanent injuries required the re-invention of her fitness regimen and alteration of her domestic and life-time recreational activities. The insurance company’s contentions that my client’s injuries were pre-existing and minimal were negated through cross-examination of their expert witnesses and my client’s compelling testimony.

$280,910.89 – Car Accident

Client was a creative and intelligent woman who was merely waiting at a traffic light in her neighborhood when she was rear-ended. Unfortunately she suffered a herniated disc in her neck that caused on-going pain and problems while performing her work or engaging in her recreational activities. The jury awarded a significant sum for the diminution in her quality of life.

$140,000 – Bicycle/Car Accident

Client was struck on his bicycle and suffered a fractured greater trochanter as well as contusions and abrasions to his knees, thighs, wrists, elbows and hands. Surgery was required to repair his fracture that included insertion of tension bands which were later removed. Recovery for his significant injuries and surgeries was limited by the available insurance.

$110,000 – Pedestrian/Wheelchair Accident in Assisted Living Facility

A charming and strong 86-year-old woman was injured after being struck by a wheelchair driven by another resident in an assisted living facility. She suffered a fractured pelvis and significant pain and discomfort that required hospitalization and rehabilitation services. Most disturbing, however, was the significant mental decline she experienced after the incident and onset of increased delirium, confusion and inability to perform daily living activities.

$30,000 – Daycare Slip and Fall

This case involved a toddler who slipped on a wet floor at his daycare facility and fractured his left femur. This case presented considerable challenges proving the fault of the daycare facility given the toddler’s inability to testify about how the accident happened. Given the dynamics of the case, this mediated settlement represented a good resolution for a difficult and hard fought case.

$20,000 – Swimming Pool Contamination

Client was an intelligent teenage boy who received a horrible rash and swelling throughout his body as a result of swimming in a public pool that did not maintain required levels of chlorine and violated water quality standards. Local health officials detected the bacteria Pseudomonas folliculitis in the pool. His medical bills totaled under $500 and he missed roughly two months of school.

$18,000 – Airline Beverage Cart Accident

While a passenger on a domestic airlines flight and occupying the aisle seat, client was struck in the elbow by the food/beverage cart that the flight attendant negligently pushed through the aircraft. Client suffered olecranon bursistis to his right elbow.