Position of Trust

Abused by a Counselor, Coach or Other Person of Authority You Trusted?

Positions of Trust Child AbuseThe position of trust statistics are startling. One in four girls and one in six boys is sexually abused by age 18. The abuser can inhabit any number of positions of authority over the child: coach, counselor, teacher or advisor. The effects of the abuse are deep and disturbing and can plague young people for life. We offer compassion and understanding to help you with these complex and highly personal claims.

The Outrage of Clergy Abuse

The depth and breadth of clergy abuse has been staggering. In its wake are children who have suffered inexcusable abuse and life-altering injuries. We are committed to holding priests, staff members and other clerical staff responsible when they perpetrate sexual abuse of any kind against any child. We are also dedicated to holding institutions accountable for any conduct that protects predators and victimizes defenseless children.

We Can’t Eliminate the Trauma of Sex Abuse,  But We Can Help Shape Your Future

A successful claim against those responsible for abuse can yield many benefits. Any money recovered can help pay for needed counseling or treatment, or allow you to obtain health insurance for future healthcare needs. Many people also find it therapeutic to bring their abusers to justice, or to hold institutions liable for their harmful policies. A claim may also allow you to move on from past events and provide you with a measure of closure. Finally, your actions may stop abuse to other victims or correct the twisted policies of institutions that protect molesters.

We possess the experience and skill to assist abuse victims. If you or a loved one wishes to discuss their case confidentially, we promise respect and compassion in all communications with our offices. Contact us for a confidential and free consultation.