Child Injuries and Abuse

How to Best Help Your Child After Devastating Injuries or Trauma

Seattle Child Abuse AttorneyIf your child has been severely injured or abused, you are probably dealing with unimaginable distress, sadness and frustration. You are also dealing with your child’s trauma, a legal or insurance claim process that is confusing and riddled with minefields, and more questions than answers. We provide skilled and experienced advocacy in children’s injury and abuse claims. Our Seattle child injury attorneys focus on your child’s case and remain accessible and responsive to your questions and needs throughout the process. And you can continue doing what you do best: being a great parent and nurturing your child’s health and recovery.

Below is just a sampling of the cases in which Selander O’Brien represents the kids:

  • Bike Accidents
  • Child Abuse
  • Daycare Injuries
  • Wrongful Death
  • Auto Accidents

We Resolve to Prevent Child Injuries and Abuse and Donate 5% of our Fees to Charity

Our firm will donate 5% of our net attorney’s fees on child injury and abuse cases to charities that work to prevent child abuse or to ensure child health and safety. Children’s injuries and child abuse exact a heavy price on our kids and society. From lifelong emotional trauma to permanent and disabling injuries or chronic healthcare issues, any effort to prevent or to eliminate the effects of injury or abuse to children is vital. Research also shows that investing in child abuse prevention programs – including parent education classes, safety programs designed to make children less vulnerable targets for abuse, and home visitation – yields a 19 to 1 savings over the long-term costs to society of child abuse. We freely donate to children’s charities in these cases and will provide you with confirmation of our donation to a 503c3 charity once our donation has been made; take note that you must request the donation to your charity of choice at the time the case proceeds are disbursed.

Our Promise

Although each case is unique, our Seattle child injury attorneys always work to maximize your child’s compensation, to hold the responsible parties accountable for your child’s injuries, and to prevent harm to other children from similar conduct. Please contact us today for a free consultation to get immediate answers to your questions and concerns.


What Clients Say

  • It is a major decision for a mother to choose an attorney to represent her child. Ken fought hard so my son would receive the generous settlement he deserved. Ken is brilliant, honest and professional. I would highly recommend him to anyone, as no other attorney can begin to compare.

    Joy H., Burien, WA
  • When my two-year old daughter was mauled by a pit bull, the insurance company wouldn’t even talk to me. Ken Selander was able to settle the case for a very impressive amount. My daughter is now set for a bright future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ken’s services.

    Margie M., Anchorage, AK
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