Toy SafetyToy safety has been a source of concern in recent years, prompted by the recall of over 45 million toys and children’s products during 2007 – and continuing throughout 2008. Many parents worry about the effects of lead paint and other harmful chemicals such as phthalates and cadmium. They are also concerned about defective and dangerous toys that find their way into the hands of Washington’s children.

Washington Law – Children’s Safe Product Act

The state of Washington has enacted some of the toughest regulations on children’s products –  the Children’s Safe Product Act – which prohibits toys that have a lead level of more than 90 parts per million, far lower than the current federal standard of 600 parts per million. The act also sets limits on the use of cadmium and phthalates in toys, and requires manufacturers to report the presence of any chemicals deemed dangerous by the Department of Ecology.

These restrictions are vital because children can easily become injured or ill when exposed to dangerous substances in toys.  As a parent, you make certain assumptions about your child’s products. You shouldn’t have to worry that a toy is going to cause brain damage or other serious conditions. If your child is hurt by a dangerous toy, you may have a product liability case. Manufacturers can be held liable if their products cause harm – either because of defects in the design or manufacturing process, or because of inadequate warning labels that fail to alert you of potential risks.

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