Foster Care Abuse

Betrayed By the Institution That Placed You in Foster Care?

Foster Care Abuse AttorneyAbuse occurring in foster care is tragic and disturbing. A child often ends up in foster care because they have been removed from an unsafe, neglectful or possibly abusive environment. Rather than finding security and safety in their new home, the child is now helplessly trapped in yet another unsafe environment.

Washington State alone had 9,533 children in foster homes in 2011, and nationally over 400,000 kids reside in foster care. Although less than 1% of all children live in foster care, one study reveals that as many as 28% of them are abused, and other studies suggest the number is even higher. We can’t ensure that kids are safely placed into foster homes. But we can hold the responsible institutions accountable and work to correct the problems that lead to foster care abuse in the first place.

Abuse survivors can pursue claims against their abuser and the institution which failed to ensure their safety while in foster care. Common and preventable mistakes by governmental institutions include: failure to adequately screen the foster parents or to conduct background checks; failure to properly investigate complaints against the foster parents; failure to monitor the welfare of the foster children; failure to privately communicate with foster children outside the presence of their foster parents; or failure to license or to ensure compliance with foster home regulations.

Our Promise

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