Childhood Sexual Abuse

Has Your Trust Been Betrayed by a Sex Abuser? Your Innocence Violated? We Wish You Weren’t Reading This.

Child Sexual Abuse AttorneyThe scars of abuse are deep, disturbing and profound. The monstrous behavior of a predator destroys a child’s innocence, damages good health and shatters one’s foundation of trust and safety. The effects of abuse can linger for years, even after the abuse stops. Are you suffering from any of these common symptoms of an abuse survivor?

  • Anger or hostility (directed at yourself, your abuser, those who could have stopped the abuse)
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Guilt, self-hatred or self-blame
  • Fear, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Avoidance of intimacy, marital difficulties
  • Lack of trust, or
  • Criminal or self-destructive behavior.

We Can’t Eliminate the Trauma of Sex Abuse, But We Can Help Shape Your Future

A successful claim against those responsible for abuse can yield many benefits. Any money recovered from a child sexual abuse matter can help pay for needed counseling or treatment, or allow you to obtain health insurance for future healthcare needs. Many people also find it therapeutic to bring their abusers to justice, or to hold institutions accountable for their harmful policies. A claim may also allow you to move on from past events and provide you with a measure of closure. Finally, your actions may stop abuse to other victims or correct the twisted policies of institutions that protect molesters.

We possess the experience and skill to assist sex abuse survivors. If you or a loved one wishes to discuss their case confidentially, please contact us for a free consultation. We promise respect and compassion in all communications with our offices.


Common Questions

Is the legal process different for cases against DSHS or the State of Washington?

Yes, any case against the State of Washington or a city or county in Washington requires that you file a pre-lawsuit claim form before you can start a lawsuit against them. We handle this procedure to ensure that your claim can be brought against the city, county or state entity responsible for your injuries.

How do I pay an attorney? Can I afford one?

You can afford an attorney because we will work for you on a contingency fee basis. This means that our fees are a percentage of the settlement or recovery versus billing you by the hour for our services. Consequently, you are not charged attorney’s fees unless we are successful in recovering money for you on your case. There may be additional out-of-pocket expenses or costs, separate from attorney’s fees, incurred by our offices. These costs are typically advanced by our offices on your behalf and reimbursed to us after a recovery is made.

What is the deadline or statute of limitations for filing a claim?

Washington State law is favorable to abuse victims who can generally bring a civil lawsuit once they realize or discover their injuries or problems are the result of childhood sexual abuse. This law is important because the effects of childhood abuse are sometimes unknown until years later. However, each case must be carefully evaluated to ensure it is timely filed.

Is my real name used in court?

Probably not. Most courts allow abuse survivors to use their initials or a fictitious “Jane Doe” instead of their real names to protect their privacy.  Anyone reading the court records would therefore be unable to learn your identity or information about your private life. You can also choose to use your real name in making a personal statement against the offending party. It’s your choice how to proceed.

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