Four Safety Tips for Winter Motorcycle Riding

Written by: selobrie Category: Motorcycles

Winter driving conditions present special problems for motorcycle riders. Unlike a beautiful summer day, weather conditions can change quickly during the winter months. Riders can be assaulted by rain, gusty winds, sleet and even snow. These conditions require riders to be even more alert and to carefully prepare for their rides.

1. If It Starts Snowing, Stop Riding

This one is a no-brainer; snow can accumulate quickly and cause extremely slick and dangerous conditions. It’s best to keep an eye on the weather forecasts, and avoid riding in the snow or being caught somewhere after it has snowed.

  1. Cold Tires Equal Limited Traction

Cold weather means colder tires. Although riding increases the heat in your tires, they quickly cool down after stopping and provide less traction. You should also check for adequate tread on your tires for riding in wet and cold winter conditions. Frequent checks of your tire pressure during the winter months is also highly recommended as you’ll need optimal traction on the road.

  1. Watch for New Cracks in the Roadway, Salt and Black Ice

Trucks plowing snow destroy roads and often cause cracks, crevasses and other perils for riders. Also remember that salt on the roadway is slick like ice. It can also destroy the metal in your bike. Be sure to wash your bike immediately if it has accumulated any salt from the roadway. Finally, be hyper alert to black ice and avoid it.

4. Be Aware of Your Visibility and Following Distance

Winter riding conditions require that you increase your visibility and space. Look further down the road and try to recognize hazards before they occur. Hazards on the roadway in the winter require more reaction time given your traction is limited with cold tires on cold roads. Increasing your following distance also enables you to avoid problems on the roadway.

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