Strict Staff-Child Ratios Govern Washington’s Licensed Family Day Care Facilities

Written by: Ken Selander Category: Children's Injuries, Children's Issues

All daycares licensed by the State require compliance with appropriate staff to children ratios. The ratios vary depending upon the number of staff and the experience level of the staff. All of the ratios are aimed to provide a safe environment for children by requiring an appropriate number of adults overseeing them. For a licensed […]

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Outthink the Thieves: Best Practices for Deterring Theft of Your Bike

Written by: Ken Selander Category: Bicycle Accidents, Safety

With the increasing popularity of bicycling as a means of transportation – more bikes are out and about and that means more targets for thieves. With an estimated 250,000 bikes stolen each year, how can you best ensure that your bike won’t become a statistic? The answer: proper documentation and locking technique. If your bike […]

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Required Viewing: A Powerful Distracted Driving Message

Written by: Ken Selander Category: Auto Accidents, Safety

This clip should be shared with anyone in your family who drives. As we become more dependent upon our phones/mobile devices, our attention is constantly shifting away from the task at hand. When driving, a momentary lack of focus can be fatal. Please take a few moments to watch this clip. Thanks, Ken

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