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Bill Seeks to Restrict School Liability for Negligent Acts that Lead to Harm of Students

Category: Children's Injuries, Children's Issues

Hearings took place last week in Olympia regarding a bill being introduced to create immunity for school districts who negligently permit acts of harm and violence to its students. The bill’s introduction stems from a case, N.L. v. Bethel School District, No. 91775-2, in which our State Supreme Court held a school district accountable for […]

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Unsafe Sleep Practices Are Leading Cause of Infant Death in Washington’s Child Welfare System

Category: Children's Injuries, Children's Issues, Wrongful Death

The Office of the Family and Children’s Ombuds (OFCO) released a report last week that cited unsafe sleep conditions as the leading cause of death for infants whose families have come into contact with the child welfare system in Washington. OFCO was established to oversee the state child welfare system and to ensure that government […]

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