Free Auto Insurance Review

Auto Insurance ReviewOnly after being in an accident do you learn the ABC’s of car insurance and the coverage (or lack of) that your own policy provides. Before it’s too late (and hopefully you’re reading this before it’s too late) please contact us to review your current auto policy and insurance coverage. The following questions are just a few among the topics that will be discussed:

  1. Did you know that your car insurance often insures you as a passenger, pedestrian, biker, skateboarder as well as driver?
  2. Did you know that 16% of all drivers on the roadway in Washington State are uninsured? (Do you have uninsured motorist coverage?)
  3. Did you know that your auto insurance may provide coverage for payment of your medical bills? (Do you have PIP coverage?)

Too often good people who are injured by a careless driver end up shouldering the bills and financial burden of someone else’s mistake. We don’t sell insurance and we won’t be referring you to someone if you need to buy more coverage. But hopefully a quick free auto insurance review of your coverage can alert you to any obvious gaps in your auto coverage and prevent a bad situation from becoming a financial crisis.