Four Safety Tips for Winter Motorcycle Riding

Written by: selobrie Category: Motorcycles

Winter driving conditions present special problems for motorcycle riders. Unlike a beautiful summer day, weather conditions can change quickly during the winter months. Riders can be assaulted by rain, gusty winds, sleet and even snow. These conditions require riders to be even more alert and to carefully prepare for their rides. 1. If It Starts […]

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Electronics-DUI Act Aimed to Curb Distracted Driving and to Save Lives

Written by: selobrie Category: Auto Accidents

In Washington State it is against the law to hold a cell phone to your ear and chat on the phone. Texting and driving? That’s also illegal. But there’s currently no law on the book against checking Instagram on your tablet, sending a Snap-chat or even perusing your Facebook account while driving. Yet all of […]

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Bill Seeks to Restrict School Liability for Negligent Acts that Lead to Harm of Students

Written by: Ken Selander Category: Children's Injuries, Children's Issues

Hearings took place last week in Olympia regarding a bill being introduced to create immunity for school districts who negligently permit acts of harm and violence to its students. The bill’s introduction stems from a case, N.L. v. Bethel School District, No. 91775-2, in which our State Supreme Court held a school district accountable for […]

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